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Thank You Notes: They’re Kind of a Big Deal

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Personal, handwritten thank you notes. Old school? Maybe a little. Time consuming? Can be. Effective? Oh yeah. Writing thank you notes to your customers after you finish a project can be a great reputation-building tool. Don’t believe us quite yet? Let’s look at why these are kind of a big deal. When you open your […]


Building a Better Sales Follow-Up

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Alright, everyone … let’s talk follow-up. Sure, it may not be your favorite part of the sales process, but there’s no denying it’s important! Leads are great; but, remember they don’t just magically become customers. What happens when it’s time to follow up with them? Are you relying solely on email, or do you also […]


How to Reduce Material Costs When Completing a Residential Build

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The summer building season is right around the corner (or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves in this cold weather). While long summer days give you more construction projects and more daylight hours to complete them, increased demand can raise the cost of materials. In addition, year-over-year material costs are rising at an average rate of […]


Taking Your Instagram Game to the Next Level

CHIANG MAI THAILAND - DEC 252016: A women holds Apple iPhone 6S with Instagram application on the screen. Instagram is a photo-sharing app for smartphones.

With nearly a billion monthly active users, it’s no secret that Instagram is a popular social channel with plenty of engaged users (to say the least). Now, when it comes to using Instagram for your business, you are presented with a great opportunity to market what you do in a casual and fun way. An Instagram account […]


6 Characteristics You Want in a Construction Project Manager

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To guarantee a construction project’s success, you need to have a detailed plan and the right people involved. A key role in any project? A construction project manager. The project manager puts together the timeline, makes sure all pieces of the puzzle match up, and ultimately sees the project through to successful completion. The project […]


Tips to Create an Effective Home Renovation Project Plan


Home renovations can be exciting, but a project (no matter the size) can quickly escalate to overwhelming if you don’t have a complete and well-organized project plan. It’s especially important to keep renovation projects organized because there are times when your homeowners will be living in the house that you are renovating. Following these tips […]


How to Get More Email Opens with Effective Subject Lines

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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a small business to market and increase their revenue. According to email marketing experts, email marketing can impact your company positively in two important ways: Return on Investment (ROI): For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get $46 in return! Email accounts for […]


3 Reasons Why Home Builder Software is as Necessary as a Tool Belt


We’ve probably heard this story 100 times from our customers before they used our home builder software: You look at the home you just finished. You admire its perfect roofline. You take pride in how solid the structure is. The finishes are flawless. Seeing the ear-to-ear smiles on your clients’ faces as you turn over […]


Why Should You Be Using LinkedIn?


LinkedIn allows you to organize your connections, build your online presence, and leverage common connections with people in your network … but, is it worth a construction company’s time? The short answer: yes, and take it from a successful construction management software company! Here are a few of our tips for utilizing this awesome networking platform.  […]


Tips for Running Successful Facebook Ads

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When it comes to running advertisements on social media, many people turn to Facebook! Not only are Facebook advertisements cheap, but they are easy to track, optimizable, and you have full control over them. So, in order to stop you from throwing money away to advertise your construction company, we’ve laid out a few tips to remember […]