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Invoicing Made Easy with Buildertrend

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Whether you have a large project or quick job, invoicing your customer can be a challenge. You’re already tasked with keeping the project on schedule, communicating with your trade partners, and keeping your own costs under budget. But, above all, you need to find a seamless way to invoice your customer that makes it easy […]


Excuses for Not Implementing Software

Excuses for Not implementing

Whether it’s miscommunication, scheduling issues, or anything in between, so many things can go wrong in your projects without the use of software. Even though software, like Buildertrend, is readily available, many companies are still reluctant to embrace it. Why? Let’s take a look at some of the most common excuses people have: You are […]


Implementing New Technology Into Your Company

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Bringing new technology into an organization can do wonders for the company … increase productivity, boost sales, and just make your company all around better. But bringing new technology into an organization can also be a complicated process, as you can almost always expect resistance from some of your employees. So, what can you do […]


The Construction Industry Is Paving The Way For Wearable Tech

Let's Talk About Safety

Safety on construction sites is vital. As I mention on my website, construction workers suffer injuries on the job every day and that certainly leaves room to find innovative ways that enhance safety on job sites. This is where wearable technology comes in. The construction industry used to have a reputation for avoiding new […]


Software: Making Life Easier, One Day at a Time


Construction management software (like Buildertrend) is great for targeting common pain points for builders, remodelers and specialty contractors. No matter what you build or remodel, construction management software can help you in so many ways. Let’s get down to specifics … Centralization. Each project involves a number of participants and each of those participants has […]


Technology: No Longer a Luxury, It’s a Necessity

Technology No Longer a Luxury, It's a Necessity

From constant miscommunication to scheduling and budgeting issues, so many things can go wrong in a project without the use of construction management software. Is there poor communication between workers and managers in your company? Are your paper-based documents causing errors and rework? Are you attempting to communicate between emails, texts and phone calls? Are […]


Durable Phone Cases That Are Jobsite Ready

construction phone cases

For those in the construction industry, damaged smartphones are, unfortunately, a common part of the job. And in this day and age – with mobile construction management software and all sorts of other apps – it’s becoming more and more necessary for workers to have their phones on the jobsite. But that also means the […]