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Carpenter works on the computer in the workshop.
6 months ago

Features You Need in Residential Construction Project Management Software

Construction projects have many moving parts and keeping track of them is a full-time job for project managers. Unfortunately, even professional project managers don’t have the time to individually track all of these parts across several projects at once. If you manage residential construction projects, then you need a system that helps you streamline your […]

6 months ago

Hardwood Floors Are Topping the Charts for Homebuyers

When your customers are building or renovating their homes, one concern at the top of their minds is resale value. As they determine what to update or add, you can recommend hardwood floors without any hesitation. Installing hardwood floors will improve the market value of a new home. According to the National Association of the […]

bigstock-Cropped-image-of-construction--81408122 copy
6 months ago

3 Tips for Managing the Remodeling Pre-Sale Process

For any business to succeed, the sales strategy must be the most important part. Without winning new clients, many other parts of a business don’t matter … which is why booking new projects each year is often an important focus for a small-to-medium sized remodeling company. By properly managing your company’s sales leads, you can […]

Stats to Track Blog
7 months ago

The Stats You Should be Tracking on New Construction Projects

New construction projects are undeniably hectic, and the jobsite frequently feels like barely organized chaos. Resource constraints, scheduling issues, process concerns and deadlines all compete for attention. So, how do you stop this? To avoid massive headaches and even a few costly mistakes, it’s always vital to track the following stats. Time No matter how […]

modern bathroom interior in foreground of counter top washbasin in a contemporary style using natural materials.
7 months ago

Bathroom Trends for Residential Construction and Remodeling

As a construction professional, you do your best to stay on top of your game — you hire the best crews, you look for the highest quality materials, and you take great care of your customers. Part of taking great care of customers means advising them well and helping them avoid costly mistakes. Bathrooms can […]

Podcast Blog New
7 months ago

Introducing The Building Code, A Podcast by Buildertrend

It’s official … Buildertrend has a podcast! The Building Code is now available anywhere you listen to podcasts. Paul Wurth, vice president of sales, and Tom Houghton, creative production manager, are the energetic and knowledgeable hosts of The Building Code. Each episode, they bring great conversation and perspective (and an occasional joke) – we already know […]

Closeup image of a woman holding a blank empty business card while writing on a notebook
7 months ago

Thank You Notes: They’re Kind of a Big Deal

Personal, handwritten thank you notes. Old school? Maybe a little. Time consuming? Can be. Effective? Oh yeah. Writing thank you notes to your customers after you finish a project can be a great reputation-building tool. Don’t believe us quite yet? Let’s look at why these are kind of a big deal. When you open your […]

Follow-Up Blog
7 months ago

Building a Better Sales Follow-Up

Alright, everyone … let’s talk follow-up. Sure, it may not be your favorite part of the sales process, but there’s no denying it’s important! Leads are great; but, remember they don’t just magically become customers. What happens when it’s time to follow up with them? Are you relying solely on email, or do you also […]

Interior construction of housing Construction building industry new home construction interior drywall tape. Building construction gypsum plaster walls
8 months ago

How to Reduce Material Costs When Completing a Residential Build

The summer building season is right around the corner (or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves in this cold weather). While long summer days give you more construction projects and more daylight hours to complete them, increased demand can raise the cost of materials. In addition, year-over-year material costs are rising at an average rate of […]

CHIANG MAI THAILAND - DEC 252016: A women holds Apple iPhone 6S with Instagram application on the screen. Instagram is a photo-sharing app for smartphones.
8 months ago

Taking Your Instagram Game to the Next Level

With nearly a billion monthly active users, it’s no secret that Instagram is a popular social channel with plenty of engaged users (to say the least). Now, when it comes to using Instagram for your business, you are presented with a great opportunity to market what you do in a casual and fun way. An Instagram account […]

business people walking at a modern floor on a tradeshow. ideal for websites and magazines layouts
8 months ago

Making the Most of Your IBS 2019 Experience

Heading to Vegas in a few weeks? The NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) is the largest annual gathering of design and construction professionals in the residential design and construction industry. Whether you’re attending IBS or KBIS, here are a few tips to make your tradeshow experience more enjoyable, effective and successful.   1. Identify your goals for attending. It’s important […]

Smiling young carpenter working at a bench in his large workshop working online with a laptop and discussing designs with a customer on a cellphone
9 months ago

6 Characteristics You Want in a Construction Project Manager

To guarantee a construction project’s success, you need to have a detailed plan and the right people involved. A key role in any project? A construction project manager. The project manager puts together the timeline, makes sure all pieces of the puzzle match up, and ultimately sees the project through to successful completion. The project […]