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Facebook Ad Tips Blog
11 months ago

Tips for Running Successful Facebook Ads

When it comes to running advertisements on social media, many people turn to Facebook! Not only are Facebook advertisements cheap, but they are easy to track, optimizable, and you have full control over them. So, in order to stop you from throwing money away to advertise your construction company, we’ve laid out a few tips to remember […]

Improving Efficiency
1 year ago

Improving Your Efficiency on Construction Projects

What’s the one thing impacting your ability to deliver high quality construction projects? Your company’s efficiency. If you haven’t analyzed your processes in a while, there’s no time like the present. And not only will this help the projects that are taking place now, but it will help you submit more competitive bids in the […]

People sitting in an office
1 year ago

What Does Your Company’s Office Say About You?

Have you ever thought about what type of impression your construction company’s office is making on past, present or future clients when they meet with you? Unfortunately, it’s human nature to make quick decisions about things. You’ve probably heard that about your company’s website — it only takes a few seconds for a visitor to […]

1 year ago

Promoting Your Construction Company “Offline”

We’ve talked about promoting your construction business through digital forms many times, but what we forget to think about is how you are promoting your construction business “offline.” When done correctly, offline forms of marketing can bring you a great ROI! So, what forms of offline marketing should your company be considering? Check out the […]

Customer Service Blog
1 year ago

Is Your Company Delivering Great Customer Service?

Unfortunately, when people think of construction, superior customer service isn’t the first thing they think of … but luckily, so many companies are working hard to change that. And if you feel that your customer service still needs work, this blog is for you! Quality customer service comes down to exceeding the client’s expectations, not […]

1 year ago

Facebook Ad Mistakes Your Company Could Be Making

Advertising on Facebook is great – it’s easy to learn and it’s easy to control your cost. But with that ease of use, comes the opportunity to make mistakes. For the best results, make sure your construction company isn’t making any of these mistakes when setting up Facebook Ads: No goals or point. If you […]

1 year ago

Top 5 Blogs of 2017

As we close the book to 2017, we wanted to take a look back at our top blogs of the year. The following five blogs were the most visited on The Blueprint, so give them a read if you missed them throughout the year! Implementing New Technology Into Your Company Bringing new technology into an […]

bigstock-Cropped-image-of-construction--81408122 copy
1 year ago

Fine Tuning Your Follow-Up

From automated drip campaigns to generic phone messages, your follow-up could be getting too impersonal, or even a little boring. So, what’s missing? Personal, exciting interactions. To transform more leads into clients, consider the following tips : Don’t forget about those who are already interested. Getting the attention of the masses is important, but could […]

jonas capture
2 years ago

Top 5 Tips for a New Buildertrend User

1. Utilize your Buildertrend Coach. We pride ourselves in offering the best support staff in the industry, and our Buildertrend Coaches have onboarded hundreds of contractors into our program. If you neglect to utilize your coach, you are doing yourself and your company a huge disservice. Setting up a short training session or two with […]

Customer Satisfaction Surveys Blog
2 years ago

Creating Effective Customer Satisfaction Surveys

It’s common for companies to send out surveys after a project is completed to see how they performed according to the customer. But, are you doing these surveys correctly? Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your customer satisfaction surveys: Define your objective before you create. What are you […]

2 years ago

Getting the Most Out of Your Next Trade Show

A great way to connect with prospective clients is through a trade show! Depending on what type of work you do, this might consist of just local home shows, or it might consist of expos around the country. Either way, it’s important to utilize these events to get your company more business. The real question […]

Excuses for Not implementing
2 years ago

Excuses for Not Implementing Software

Whether it’s miscommunication, scheduling issues, or anything in between, so many things can go wrong in your projects without the use of software. Even though software, like Buildertrend, is readily available, many companies are still reluctant to embrace it. Why? Let’s take a look at some of the most common excuses people have: You are […]