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5 Top Habits Successful CPMs Practice Every Day

project manager pointing with pen on laptop computer with white safety helmet, blueprint and color palette on desk during discussing planing for new project at construction site, engineering concept

In a perfect world, everything you’ve budgeted, organized and coordinated goes according to plan. In reality, we know that’s just not how it goes most of the time. Changes in scope, lack of accountability and unrealistic expectations are just some of the challenges construction project managers (CPMs) face. To help you out, we’ve collected the […]


These Things are Delaying Your Project — What Can You Do About Them?

A young male construction carpenter saws a modern circular saw with a wooden board in the workshop room a wooden sawdust fly to the sides a rear view sideways

When it comes to construction, staying on budget means staying on schedule. However, the construction industry has a lot of moving parts. With so many elements to keep track of, surprises are inevitable. Your ability to remain agile and flexible in the face of the unexpected is critical to your business staying ahead of the […]


Product Influencers: One Year Down, Another One Around the Corner


Did you know we have a product influencer program here at Buildertrend? It’s been going on for about a year, which is why we’re celebrating! It’s been an awesome first year of this program, and we’re so thankful for all the insights we’ve gained so far from this group. We recruit product influencers, also known […]


The Stats You Should be Tracking on New Construction Projects

Stats to Track Blog

New construction projects are undeniably hectic, and the jobsite frequently feels like barely organized chaos. Resource constraints, scheduling issues, process concerns and deadlines all compete for attention. So, how do you stop this? To avoid massive headaches and even a few costly mistakes, it’s always vital to track the following stats. Time No matter how […]


Introducing The Building Code, A Podcast by Buildertrend

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It’s official … Buildertrend has a podcast! The Building Code is now available anywhere you listen to podcasts. Paul Wurth, vice president of sales, and Tom Houghton, creative production manager, are the energetic and knowledgeable hosts of The Building Code. Each episode, they bring great conversation and perspective (and an occasional joke) – we already know […]


Thank You Notes: They’re Kind of a Big Deal

Closeup image of a woman holding a blank empty business card while writing on a notebook

Personal, handwritten thank you notes. Old school? Maybe a little. Time consuming? Can be. Effective? Oh yeah. Writing thank you notes to your customers after you finish a project can be a great reputation-building tool. Don’t believe us quite yet? Let’s look at why these are kind of a big deal. When you open your […]


Buildertrend Has a New Logo!

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This is an exciting time at Buildertrend. We’ve experienced record growth over the past several years, and we’re not slowing down. In this period of growth, we sought to develop a brand strategy to match this incredible momentum. One that aligns with our mission, vision and values. One that is also reflective of our human experience at Buildertrend, […]


Tips to Create an Effective Home Renovation Project Plan


Home renovations can be exciting, but a project (no matter the size) can quickly escalate to overwhelming if you don’t have a complete and well-organized project plan. It’s especially important to keep renovation projects organized because there are times when your homeowners will be living in the house that you are renovating. Following these tips […]


How to Get More Email Opens with Effective Subject Lines

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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a small business to market and increase their revenue. According to email marketing experts, email marketing can impact your company positively in two important ways: Return on Investment (ROI): For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get $46 in return! Email accounts for […]


Tips for Managing a Younger Workforce

managing young workforce blog

With the shift to a younger workforce, companies are discovering that there are multiple attitudes, habits and expectations that need to be addressed. How do you incorporate these into the existing culture? Try using these techniques to manage your company’s younger employees and set them up for success: Transparency. Whether it’s transparency regarding metrics, responsibilities, […]