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Learn how Buildertrend's financial tools can help you effectively create and manage your budgets. By the end of the course you will have an understanding of how to generate estimates, track your job expenses, and integrate your financial information with your accounting program. Earn your Buildertrend Bookkeeper certification upon course completion.

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About this course

The Buildertrend Bookkeeper certification course is designed to break down every financial tool available in Buildertrend. If you are involved with creating estimates, managing budgets, organizing bids, or tracking expenses, this course will give you detailed information to help take your companies financial tracking to the next level.

What to expect

This course will start with the basics of the financial tools in Buildertrend. You'll learn how to properly setup your cost codes and variance codes, receive and organize and bids for each projects, manage allowances and selections within your budget, and how to apply costs that accumulate on each project. You will also learn how your financial information can sync with your favorite accounting program. From start to finish you'll learn many invaluable tips and tricks that will make you and your office more efficient in the day to day use of Buildertrend.

The course is conveniently designed to allow you to complete it over time, so you will be able to start and stop at your leisure until each module is completed.

Estimated Completion Time: 3 Hours

What's in it for you

With Buildertrend's certification program, increasing your credibility and furthering your career goals has never been easier. Turn your experience and knowledge into a career advancement opportunity by earning your certification and taking full advantage of all that Buildertrend has to offer.