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Sales and Marketing

Gain an in-depth understanding of key Buildertrend sales and marketing tools - such as reporting, proposal generation, activity management, communication - with a curriculum tailored for training sales and marketing professionals. Earn your Buildertrend Sales & Marketing certification upon course completion.

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About this course

The Buildertrend Sales & Marketing Certification is designed to give you a thorough overview of Buildertrend's sales and marketing functionality. You will be introduced to in-depth detail about the functions of our sales module, and how each tool can be used to help your business.

What to expect

This course will fully explain all sales and marketing features available within Buildertrend. By the end of the course you'll effectively know how to enter in new leads, keep track of key data, manage communication and activities, generate sales proposals and run reports over your sales data.

The course is conveniently designed to allow you to complete it over time, so you will be able to start and stop at your leisure until each module is completed.

Estimated Completion Time: 3 Hours

What's in it for you

With Buildertrend's certification program, increasing your credibility and furthering your career goals has never been easier. Turn your experience and knowledge into a career advancement opportunity by earning your certification and taking full advantage of all that Buildertrend has to offer.