1. SUBSCRIBER has thirty (30) days from the date of purchase to determine that the SOFTWARE SERVICE does not meet its needs. If SOFTWARE SERVICE does not meet the SUBSCRIBER's needs, then the SUBSCRIBER must notify Buildertrend in writing within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase that SUBSCRIBER wishes to terminate the SOFTWARE SERVICE provided hereunder and receive a refund of the corresponding fee paid by SUBSCRIBER, less the cost of any SERVICES provided prior to such cancellation based on Buildertrend's fees in effect at the time of such cancellation.

  2. To be eligible for a thirty (30) day refund, the subscriber must complete the Training Implementation within 30 Days of signed agreement. The Implementation consists of the following 1) Getting Started Guide – 30 Minute Call 2) First Training Session 60-90 Minutes 3) Second Training Session 60-90 Minutes.

  3. If the SERVICES are provided free of charge during the thirty (30) day evaluation period, to allow SUBSCRIBER to evaluate and test it before paying Buildertrend's current fees, Buildertrend enforces a strict no refund policy after the expiration of the initial thirty (30) day period.