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Asian engineer with hardhat using tablet pc computer inspecting and working at construction site
15 hours ago

Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Project Management Software

Construction project managers have more options today than ever before to keep their teams connected, informed and productive. Cloud-based solutions are driving innovation, and over the past several years, 60% of project management has migrated from traditional platforms to the cloud. And let’s be real, this trend isn’t surprising. There are many advantages to the […]

The while wearing protective equipment safety helmet at construction site and Engineer or Architect sitting and wait partner for work present project.
1 week ago

Timesheets: How Project Management Software Can Help

Timesheets: Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. We get it … timesheets can feel a little mundane and your employees probably don’t consider them a favorite part of their job, but the fact is they’re a useful data source for businesses today. Filling out timesheets means your employees have to spend precious time […]

use construction project management software for easy contractor financing - contractor and homeowner shaking hands
2 weeks ago

Make Financing Easier with Your Construction Project Management Software

As a contractor, it’s no secret that financing likely isn’t your favorite topic of discussion. The process can be messy and leave you with a headache and stress, all which probably make you not want to offer financing options at all. Believe us, we get it. However, as technology evolves, the frustration associated with financing […]

Cottage with panoramic large Windows. Glazing of the facade of the house. Tinted glass.
3 weeks ago

Residential Window Tinting: What You Need to Know

Homeowners may think that window tinting in their home is a bit of a luxury, but in reality, this one home improvement project or new construction element has multiple benefits that can improve your customers’ quality of life and budget. You may want to educate your customer about residential window tinting if you’ve ever heard them say […]

Interior designer discussing apartment renovation idea with happy couple at meeting, smiling customers consider mortgage investment loan or flat purchase consulting realtor showing architectural plan
4 weeks ago

Create a Memorable Customer Experience with These 8 Tips

Does your construction company deliver an amazing customer experience every time? If you hesitated with your answer, it might be time to make some adjustments. A great customer experience can be inexpensive to deliver and can generate rewards for years to come. We put together a list of the top things construction companies can do […]

house backyard with swimming pool above drone view on sunny day
1 month ago

Backyard Resort: Top Trends in Pool Design

If your clients are considering adding or remodeling a pool in their landscape design, you can help them achieve their swimming pool construction goals. Whatever they envision — a backyard oasis or an outdoor living space — guide them toward a smart investment of their time, money and space with advice about pool construction trends. […]

people, technology, travel and tourism - man with earphones, smartphone and bag on city street and listening to music over ribbed blue wall background
2 months ago

Construction Industry Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

It’s no secret that podcasts are everywhere these days, but when it comes to choosing which ones to listen to, it can be a little tough to narrow down the options. Good thing we’re here to make it easy for you! Check out this list of construction-themed podcasts you should be listening to, if you […]

Woman With Carpenter Looking At Plans For Kitchen On Digital Tablet
2 months ago

How to Make Homeowners Feel More Comfortable During a Remodel

For many builders, a remodel is just another day on the job. But for homeowners, it’s a big deal … a possible intrusion into their daily lives. From cost overruns to scheduling issues, a remodel is filled with potential land mines that could hurt your relationship with homeowners. Here are some proactive ways to make […]

Startup business people group meeting, Young creative coworkers team working and discussing new plan project in office, entrepreneurs, brainstorming, Teamwork, professional business team.
3 months ago

Planning for When Disaster Strikes

Last year, wildfires ravaged the West Coast as hurricanes pounded the East. We saw mudslides decimate numerous properties across the nation and families lose their homes to flooding. The total cost for all this damage and loss? $91 billion – according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The above statistics could send anyone running. […]

Carpenter works on the computer in the workshop.
3 months ago

Features You Need in Residential Construction Project Management Software

Construction projects have many moving parts and keeping track of them is a full-time job for project managers. Unfortunately, even professional project managers don’t have the time to individually track all of these parts across several projects at once. If you manage residential construction projects, then you need a system that helps you streamline your […]

3 months ago

Hardwood Floors Are Topping the Charts for Homebuyers

When your customers are building or renovating their homes, one concern at the top of their minds is resale value. As they determine what to update or add, you can recommend hardwood floors without any hesitation. Installing hardwood floors will improve the market value of a new home. According to the National Association of the […]

bigstock-Cropped-image-of-construction--81408122 copy
3 months ago

3 Tips for Managing the Remodeling Pre-Sale Process

For any business to succeed, the sales strategy must be the most important part. Without winning new clients, many other parts of a business don’t matter … which is why booking new projects each year is often an important focus for a small-to-medium sized remodeling company. By properly managing your company’s sales leads, you can […]