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8 Tips for Recruiting Top Construction Talent
2 years ago

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring New Employees

When it comes to the hiring process, many companies aren’t maximizing their efforts, and they don’t even realize it! If you’re struggling to find the right people, that could be due to a few common mistakes that many companies make. It’s time to make sure you’re conducting your interview process in the best way possible. […]

Thank You Notes Blog
2 years ago

The Importance of a Hand-Written Thank You Note

If you aren’t doing this already, have you ever thought about sending thank you notes to clients when a project is completed? This might sound odd considering you are the one that just did something for them, but after all, they chose you to take care of their project. A simple, hand-written thank you is […]

managing young workforce blog
2 years ago

Tips for Managing a Younger Workforce

With the shift to a younger workforce, companies are discovering that there are multiple attitudes, habits and expectations that need to be addressed. How do you incorporate these into the existing culture? Try using these techniques to manage your company’s younger employees and set them up for success: Transparency. Whether it’s transparency regarding metrics, responsibilities, […]

homeowners safety blog
2 years ago

Keeping Homeowners Safe on Jobsite Visits

The task of keeping anyone, especially the owner(s), safe on a jobsite isn’t an easy one, but it sure is important. Utilizing project management software, like Buildertrend, is a great way to keep owners updated on the progress of the project without having to visit. But whether you utilize software or not, the owners are […]

training and managing support
2 years ago

Training and Managing Your Support Department

So, we’ve told you how to build your support department from the ground up, but what happens after you’ve hired your team? To train, manage, and set your support department up for success, try following these practices that have really worked for us: Set the proper expectations, and train your support team properly from day […]

building your support department
2 years ago

Building Your Support Department

Building a quality support team from the ground up isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely necessary. What makes it so difficult? There are no shortcuts (or at least there shouldn’t be) to finding and training the right people for the job. That means hours of searching and interviewing candidates and spending more hours training them. […]

Untitled design (11)
2 years ago

New Takeoff Integration Partners

Recently, we’ve added three new takeoff integrations to our ever-growing list: eTakeoff, Clear Estimates, and Square Takeoff. Clear Estimates is software for remodelers, built by remodelers. With accurate cost data, templates for common jobs, and professional proposals all pre-loaded, this software is there to help contractors simplify their estimating process. eTakeoff is software that helps […]

2 years ago

Customer Spotlight: Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling

Real users. Real stories. Real results. That’s what we want to share with you, so we reached out to Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling, a design-build firm in Davis, California for our most recent customer spotlight video! Before implementing Buildertrend over 3 years ago, Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling was in need of technology that […]

exceeding customer expectations WEB
2 years ago

5 Tips for Exceeding Customer Expectations

In this day and age, it’s no longer just about meeting a customer’s expectations … if you truly want to succeed, you should strive to exceed your customer’s expectations. The best way to do this? Through superior customer service and interactions throughout the life of a project. If you want your business to stand out […]

keeping your construction staff motivated
2 years ago

Keeping Your Construction Staff Motivated

Any project manager knows that there is more to the job than just coordinating and delivering construction projects on time … besides managing the project, there’s also the management of your team which is a whole other ball game. A successful project manager in any field must place a strong focus on keeping their employees […]

How Quality Are Your Team Meetings
2 years ago

How Quality Are Your Team Meetings?

How would you rate the quality of your team meetings? Is it anything less than a 10? If it is, you might have a serious issue on your hands. Think about it … if you are heading into a meeting and you already know that by the end of it, you would probably only rate […]

managing customer expectations blog
2 years ago

How To Better Manage Your Client’s Expectations

So, you’ve put in the time and work to win some new business … now it’s time to get everyone on the same page before the project starts! The same amount of energy that you put into winning the business of this new client needs to go into managing the client’s expectations from here on […]