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Let's Talk About Safety
3 years ago

The Construction Industry Is Paving The Way For Wearable Tech

Safety on construction sites is vital. As I mention on my website, construction workers suffer injuries on the job every day and that certainly leaves room to find innovative ways that enhance safety on job sites. This is where wearable technology comes in. The construction industry used to have a reputation for avoiding new […]

3 years ago

Software: Making Life Easier, One Day at a Time

Construction management software (like Buildertrend) is great for targeting common pain points for builders, remodelers and specialty contractors. No matter what you build or remodel, construction management software can help you in so many ways. Let’s get down to specifics … Centralization. Each project involves a number of participants and each of those participants has […]

The Dreaded Budget Conversation
3 years ago

The Dreaded Budget Conversation

Everyone can admit it … the first thing you really want to know when talking to a client or a prospective client is their budget. The issue though? It’s not always something that clients want to reveal, especially not right away. This leaves many builders questioning whether or not they should even bring it up […]

Social Media Is Your Company Utilizing Instagram
3 years ago

Social Media: Is Your Company Utilizing Instagram?

If you aren’t already familiar with it, Instagram is an online mobile photo sharing, video sharing and social networking service. It enables its more than 500 million users to take pictures and videos and share them (either publicly or privately) on the app. From there, your followers can like and comment on your photos, tag […]

3 years ago

Further Improving Your Company’s Website

Your company’s website and that yellow pages you’ve had for years should be very, very different. Your website should be a captivating place with changing content and all sorts of information that would be useful to potential clients. These days, most people head to the internet to research before making any decisions which means your site needs […]

Why Your Marketing Isn't Getting You All the Leads You Thought It Would
3 years ago

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Getting You All the Leads You Thought It Would

This day and age is an awesome time for construction companies to effectively talk to a specific audience. However, many companies still aren’t doing what it takes to compete. Sure, you think you’ve invested in the marketing for your business … maybe you rebranded and revamped your logo. And maybe you’ve got a pretty new […]

Tips for Motivating Your Construction Team
3 years ago

Tips For Motivating Your Construction Team

Effective leaders motivate people to perform. A company leader is responsible for motivating people to put out more effort and encourage them to go above and beyond the minimum requirements. So, how do you go about doing this? You can start by learning about your employees, if you don’t know enough about them already, and […]

Comparing Quotes to Choose the Right Trade Partner
3 years ago

Comparing Quotes to Choose the Right Trade Partner

Whether you’re looking for a roofer, electrician, plumber or even an architect, knowing how to compare trade partner quotes is an essential part of any project’s process. Sure, some of you may have been in this business long enough that you’ve got a pool of specialty contractors that you choose from when it comes to […]

Making the Most out Of Home Show
3 years ago

Making the Most Out of Your Trade Show Attendance

There is no better feeling than wrapping up a trade show with a few pages of new leads. Each one of those leads has the potential to turn into a sale, a lifelong customer or at least a reliable referral. But after the trade show is complete, the most important step becomes the follow-up. Of […]

Following Up It's Not All About Email
3 years ago

Follow Up … It’s Not All About Email

How do you usually follow up with prospective customers that you’ve met or gotten information from? Do you only send out emails or do you make phone calls? Email is all fine and well but it’s important to remember that emails are only one part of the follow-up process. It’s necessary to have a strategy. […]

How Good Are Your Phone Manners
3 years ago

How Good Are Your Phone Manners?

In this day and age, with so much focus put on the overall customer experience, visual marketing and quality of your internet presence, it’s easy to forget about the real importance of phone manners. Phone calls are still an extremely crucial aspect of branding, marketing and sales. A less than great telephone experience can permanently […]

Developing a Marketing Plan for Your Construction Company
3 years ago

Marketing Mistakes Your Company Could Be Making

Why aren’t your marketing efforts bringing the results you expected? These things are just a few of the common marketing mistakes that many companies might be making to cause this to happen: Not having a solid budget Your company’s marketing budget needs to take into account many different factors, so it’s important to put a […]