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Selections Coordinator

Learn how to manage and communicate all owner selections made on your projects. Pursue a better understanding of how selections and allowances communicate with your estimate and how you can effectively communicate each option to anyone involved on the job. Earn your Buildertrend Selections Coordinator certification upon course completion.

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About this course

The Buildertrend Selections Coordinator certification is designed to fully explain every feature within the selections module. The focus will be on building templates, running reports, communicating information, managing allowances, and organizing your selection process. Learn from a trained Buildertrend professional how easy it is to incorporate our award-winning software into your customer selections process on each project.

What to expect

This course will introduce the main features that a selections coordinator will need to organize and manage their selections process in Buildertrend. Topics will include building selections, managing deadlines, incorporating details into estimates, managing allowances and streamlining communication to everyone involved.

The course is conveniently designed to allow you to complete it over time, so you will be able to start and stop at your leisure until each module is completed.

Estimated Completion Time: 3 Hours

What's in it for you

With Buildertrend's certification program, increasing your credibility and furthering your career goals has never been easier. Turn your experience and knowledge into a career advancement opportunity by earning your certification and taking full advantage of all that Buildertrend has to offer.